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2nd March 2019

The Saturday Interview: Jacob Rundle

Thanks for your time, Mr Rundle. Could you tell us a little about yourself?


I served eight years in the United States Navy as a nuclear operator. Once I left the military, I moved to New Orleans where I started my civilian life. After working a few meaningless jobs, I decided to pursue my passion for writing. I have always had a vivid imagination, and I love to display the worlds that I have envisioned.


Do you feel that your military service gives you a different perspective?


I do believe that my time in the military forced me to break any barriers of self-doubt and self-loathing. As a nuclear operator, I dealt with extremely stressful times in dangerous situations, and it was these times that called for one’s true self. I had to think quick on my feet while simultaneously maintaining the safety of my fellow shipmates and myself.

Essentially, the military fostered and created an attitude to never quit and to complete the job. I apply this mentality to everything that I do.

Cool! Can I trouble you for a story?

I was operating a billion dollar main engine when a changing bell was called. As trained, I had to ensure my and others safety before performing actions.

During such a time, parameters change and must be watched. One of the parameters went out of spec. I rushed over to see the reading, and it was rising! Of course, one starts to panic and to doubt yourself, but my training was solid, and I had to do what I’ve learned.


I completed said action, and everything was fine. It’s still terrifying when a single person operates a billion dollar anything.

You’re an author of urban fantasy and dark fiction. What draws you to these genres?

The answer is quite simple. I create stories in which have worlds that I would live. I love a story with might, magic and mystery.

Do you have a particular favourite urban fantasy world?

My all-time favorite world is the universe in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. C.S. Lewis designed such an intricate and beautiful world that I wanted to visit as a child...well, I still would visit his world if it was possible.

What about it appeals?

The mystery and magic. I've always wanted something magical to happen. Whether it was to venture to a magical world or battle a witch to save the day. A sense of adventure was a clear motivating factor.

You’ve recently published your debut novel Augur of Shadows. Who do you think this book will appeal to?

Honestly, I don’t have one target audience because I would love it if everyone read my novel. Officially, I would say young adult for the first novel. The Destined Series will be a four-part set, and I intend to have the characters grow and evolve during the stories.

Could you tell us about it?

Augur of Shadows is a story of a grief-stricken Henri, who moves to New York City, to start a new life. He starts having these weird dreams that feel way more real than they should. Come to find out they’re premonitions of a future evil, and he finds out that his and his two other friends, Etlina and Siméon, have a shared destiny. They must bring forth a cataclysmic event in order for the possibility of surviving the arrival of this Primordial Evil.

To ensure that I don’t give too much away, each book in the series will have a “time jump”. So, to say that my book is only a young adult book isn’t entirely correct. I want people in all age groups to read it. I truly believe that there is something for everyone in my novel.

What motivates you to write?

Working is a form of escapism for me, and like everyone else, I need a break from reality. I truly love creating stories that have imaginable people and places. Writing is pure enjoyment for me.

Are you not a believer in the writer’s block then? Opinion in this interview series seems to be pretty split.

I do believe that writers may get stuck at a certain point. I see too many people give up at that point, and they walk away for good. I believe that someone should drop that pen for a minute, and they should create a scene in their heads to see where to go. What is hard as a writer is that since you are creating the world, there are endless possibilities and you have to pick only one.

Why did you choose to self-publish your book?

After querying agents with rejection from each one, I decided that Traditional Publishing was not my route. I love having 100% control of my novel. I’m forced to learn all aspects of the business. Picking my cover, making my book trailer, etc. it’s all up to me and I live that. I’ve formed good, solid relationships with people, and I’ve learned so much about myself as a writer and my creative process.


I’m not saying that one day I won’t take an opportunity to traditionally publish, but this series I’m self-publishing.

How do you find the writing community on Twitter?

The Writing Community on Twitter is absolutely incredible. Before I got involved with people from the community, I was anxious about interacting with other authors. The environment is insanely positive and encouraging, and I love them all. They are really great people.

Do you think it’s important for authors to be online?

I am a firm believer that authors should interact with other authors. It doesn’t have to be online. Maybe there is a critique group in your town or city; a class at your university, or you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. Interacting with other writers creates a safe zone for more creativity to blossom.

What do you think is important about interacting with other authors?

They motivate and encourage. They’re super supportive because they know how it is. Whether you’re the one helping them or you’re receiving assistance, we all need to motivate each other. There is enough success to go around.

If people want to interact with you online, what’s the best way to do that?

They can reach me through my website. There’s a contact form. Also, I have a Twitter @jrundy08, an Instagram @jrundy85, and a Facebook Group @authorjacobrundle. I’m always willing to interact with everyone.

Thank you very much for your time. Jacob's debut novel 'Augur of Shadows' is available to purchase on Amazon.

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