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14th July 2019

The Saturday Interview: Konni Granma

Thanks for your time, Ms Granma. Could you introduce yourself and your book ‘The Lonely Hearts Bar’?


Thank you!

Well, my name is Konni Granma and I am a medical student of the Sechenov University from Moscow. From a small abandoned town, I moved to Moscow where I exchanged my dream of “becoming a director” for the profession “doctor”. So now, between surgery courses and infectious diseases, I find any free time to write books/scripts. My first published book/screenplay “The Lonely Hearts Bar” is largely connected with arguments about the greatness of the Universe and time, which causes the main characters to change their lives and follow the path of their dreams, the very path that we all are very afraid of. Each of the characters will be in the bar, it is the “The Lonely Hearts Bar”, where instead of whiskey bottles are hidden bottles with locked childhood dreams, insane imagination and the incredible faith that we all had once had, and which we lost with age.


Is it your dream to be a writer?


Rather, screenwriter


Are you finding the journey to become a screenwriter different from that of being an author?


As well as the difference between carpenter and joiner. They both work with wood but have different purpose.

What inspired you to write your novel?

The main source of inspiration for “The Lonely Hearts Bar” was that I myself needed this story at that stage of my life, I needed these characters. So they found me. 

What do you feel these characters brought to you?

I matured because of them and changed my outlook on life.

How so?

I saw “the dark side of the Moon”.

What do you think makes for a successful romance novel?

The thought “Remember What Readers Want!” makes the book successful, but the author’s desire to say something to people, what the author considers necessary, makes the book sincere.

What do you feel that readers want from a romance novel?

Never thought about it… When I write a book, I talk about what comes to me from above. And who will take the story and fall in love with the characters, and who will like it, is another question that concerns literary agents more.

What sort of preparation did you do before you began writing?

Nothing special, really. I just sat down at a clean sheet of Microsoft Word and started typing. By the way, that shirt, in which I started typing, still with me. And since then I write only putting it on! Most likely the matter is in the shirt :) 

What do you feel was the biggest challenge in writing ‘The Lonely Hearts Bar’?

The realization that for me my book is more of a script and therefore some scenes may seem too detailed. So, I understood that readers will have to imagine a lot, and maybe even reread some lines.

Is this an approach you’d take with your next book?

Not really, although of course when I write a book, I see the whole scene in front of me like a motion picture. But “The Lonely Hearts Bar” is the only book–screenplay among my works. The following books are completely different.

Do you feel that stories are propelled more by plot or by character? Opinion in this interview series has been split so far.

The character is the plot. They can’t be separated. If there were no definite hero, there would be no history of his, while history determines his character and his future role.  I hope I have not misled you :)

Does the character drive the story then through active choices?


The character has a choice that can influence me as the author of the story.

Are you an author who finds that their creations have a life of their own?

Yes, I am! :)

Do you have a favourite author?

Jerome David Salinger, for all times.

Why’s that?


Because he was a real writer, to the core! He continued to write books without publishing them!!! He never stopped giving life to his characters. Incredible!

If people want to interact with you online, what’s the best way to do that?

Facebook and Instagram. I am glad to be in touch with my beautiful readers and all who are interested in my book! Thank you!

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