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©2018 Mike Chapman

Volume 1: 'Celeste'

jungle at night.jpg

1.1: Five Stones

When an expedition to an alien planet goes horribly wrong, there are difficult decisions that have to be made.


1.4: Death Loves Jazz

Even immortal beings need hobbies; Death's favourite is listening to jazz music.


1.7: Lost and Found

All things can be found, provided you look hard enough.


1.10: At the Chalkface

Learning never, ever stops.

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1.14: Good Morning Citizen

A story about trusting your life - and your death - to the whims of technology.


1.2: True Love

For incurable yet unsuccessful romantics, a solution now exists. However, there are certain drawbacks.


1.5: Sunny Side Up

Gold comes in many forms.


1.8: A Nice Cup of Tea

Innocent enough, right?


1.11: The Godstone

"The land was divided into the Light and the Dark and each had its own people..."

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1.15: White Castle, Black King

A ghastly true crime story about a man, his hotel and the awful things that he did there.

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1.3: A Flash of Pink

For the three bankrupt owners of a rundown nightclub, desperate solutions are necessary.


1.6: The Little People

Always take a bottle when you go to the old Warnke house.


1.9: Adaptations

All life does whatever it takes, even if it isn't - technically speaking - alive.


1.13: Leviathan

A story about greed and jealousy and things that are hidden beneath the surface.